Another week, hurray! Stuff kind of sucks right now because I was smart enough to fall into a hole in our driveway and sprain my ankle. I’m so awesome. I pretty much have been sitting around since Sunday night except for yesterday when I went to the hospital to get an X-ray. I’m so happy it isn’t broken, because I’m going on vacation in five days, and that would suck. So I’ve been going in between watching the series premiere of Mind of Mencia and writing this (and by the way, he is my new hero). Tomorrow I’m gonna go shopping, on my crutches. That’ll be fun. First Hannaford to get my paycheck and buy some stuff for vacation, then to Rue 21 to buy new bras, then to the bank to deposit my check, then to Best Buy to buy birthday presents and look for that Buzz Ballads CD. I know they say it’s only available on TV, but you know they’ll have it.

About this week’s episode, there isn’t much new to talk about. You find out Kyle is a little egotistical, the way I wanted him to be, but not to the point where he’s an ass—-. Drawing it took forever, and I’m still not satisfied completely with the way it came out. Everyone looks a little lopsided, but it was drawn last year, and I’m still working on my drawing style, so give me a break. Anyway the punchline is pretty lame, I couldn’t think of anything better…OK, maybe I should stop kicking myself about my artwork and storylines. I have had people tell me that this comic came out really good because everything is pretty well proportioned, which I suppose it is. It was just frickin hard to draw.

Anyway, I’ll start updating stuff in a couple of weeks, if I don’t get some stuff in tomorrow. Well, I hope my ankle starts feeling better, and I’ll see you guys in two weeks!