Full name: Alicia Tracey Barker
Birthday: July 12
Age: 16
Place in Juvenile Diversion: Lead guitarist / lead vocalist

Alicia has always known she was going to be famous… At least, since she started playing guitar at age seven. Alicia (or Al, as Jason affectionately calls her) was born in Belharght, California from June and Roy Barker. She has one sibling, a younger sister named Tiana who was born in December of 1977. An avid listener of punk rock for the last ten years or so of her life, her favorite band is the Sex Pistols, but she also enjoys bands such as the Ramones, the Dead Kennedys and the Descendents.


The Sex Pistols inspired her to want to pick up an axe, and when she turned seven years old she received a black 1975 edition Fender Stratocaster, which she still plays to this day. She began her unnamed band with Jason and Kyle when they were in second grade, the year she started playing guitar.


Other than playing guitar, Alicia enjoys shopping, hanging out at the beach, swimming, and although she’s not very good at either of them, learning how to surf and skateboard. She loves pizza, punk rock, and Tom Cruise movies. She’s not a big fan of math, bubblegum pop, cheerleaders, and dressing up.


Fun fact! Alicia has been wearing her star earrings every day since she turned 13.

Full name: Jason Michael Slattery
Birthday: October 1
Age: 16
Place in Juvenile Diversion: Drummer

Jason was born from a single mother when she was barely seventeen. He never knew his dad until very recently. He’s never had much money, and because of this, skateboarding is not only one of his favorite hobbies, but also one of his only forms of transportation. He also enjoys surfing whenever he can. And although he’ll never admit it, he’s kind of a closet nerd – he loves video and computer games, and Star Wars is one of his favorite movies.


Because he lives less than a block away from his best friend Kyle, they’ve known each other since they were in diapers. Since the first time he saw Alicia, the first day of kindergarten, he was in love with her. He hasn’t so much as looked at another girl since, even with Kyle’s constant badgering about him not having a girlfriend.


Jason would love to just continue drumming and surfing all his life, but his mom has insisted on him getting a scholarship to get into a good college, on account of their lack of funds.


Fun fact! Jason writes all the time, and has piles of notebooks filled with songs and poems.

Full name: Jennifer M. Woods
Birthday: October 26
Age: 16
Place in Juvenile Diversion: Rhythm guitarist

Jenny was born in Sacramento, California from a very rich family. She’s always been pretty serious her whole life. Jenny’s grandparents are from Japan, and they have always tried to get their daughter Yoshiko to lead a traditional Japanese lifestyle, but Yoshiko was always born in America and has always been more comfortable in her present environment, and thus, she brought up her children as such.


Jenny has never had much interest in school or the cliques involved with it. She would rather indulge herself in the fine arts; mainly art and literature. Her best friend Alicia convinced her to join Alicia’s band to become the rhythm guitarist. Although Jenny wasn’t too keen on the idea at first, she has grown to enjoy it, and quickly learned to play.


Jenny enjoys her relationship with her boyfriend Kyle to an extent, but wishes he was just a little bit less oblivious to her needs. She seems to have no qualms about his endless collection of pornography. Coincidentally, she ended her daily black-only ensemble the day they started dating. It was also the day she smiled again.


Fun fact! Jenny has a small tattoo of a spider on her outer right ankle.

Full name: Kyle Tyler Timmons
Birthday: February 5
Age: 16
Place in Juvenile Diversion: Bassist / vocals

Kyle’s relentless love for the opposite sex has gotten him into trouble more times than anyone can imagine. But since he started dating Jenny, she has been able to keep him in line for the most part. He spends most of his class time leafing through issues of girly magazines, but excels in math classes. He enjoys porn, swearing, and he’s on the verge of being a petty criminal.


He may be the oldest of his friends, but in his family he’s the second youngest of his five siblings. He spent much of his childhood being picked on by Connor, Ryan and Erin.


Kyle’s basically the glue between Jason and Alicia’s friendship, proving that he’s more than an egotistical smart-ass. Not that they need help being friends, but neither of them can work up the courage to tell one another their feelings. This is where Kyle comes in, since he can’t seem to shut up about it. But since he finally lost his virginity to Jenny, he’s let up on the issue a bit.


Fun fact! The size of Kyle’s ego can only be matched by the size of his manhood.

Full name: Megan DeWitt
Birthday: June 3
Age: 16
Place in Juvenile Diversion: Keyboardist / Pianist / Backing vocals

Megan DeWitt was born the youngest of three on June 3, 1972. She realized she liked girls at a fairly young age, and because of that has always shied away from boys. Her way of shying away from them is, of course, kicking the crap out of them.


Meg was born from ex-hippie parents. She has two older brothers, ages 19 and 21. Luckily for Meg, her parents and brothers are all very liberal, so outing herself was easy. At least to her immediate family.


She enjoys playing piano in most of her free time, as well as watching movies. Her favorite class in school is English, and she especially loves writing. She’s never been a big fan of gym, especially now since she’s started to put on some extra weight.


Meg moved back to California from Wyoming for the first time in ten years in August 1988 to find her girlfriend at the time, Vienna. But Meg ended up with her heart broken. She did end up making new friends and joining Juvenile Diversion as their keyboardist. She had a brief hardcore lust for Jenny, but now she’s set her sights on Erin. And even though she says she hates Kyle, he’s the only guy to ever make her double-check her sexuality. And he’s the only guy she’s ever kissed.


Meg plans on going to school for writing or English, but doesn’t have anything set in stone yet. It seems like her plans keep changing on her, anyway.


Fun fact! Meg is classically trained at piano; her first lessons began at age four.

Full name: Erin Brigit Timmons
Birthday: May 18
Age: 18
Place in Fuchsia Night: Drummer

Erin Timmons is the second oldest of the Timmons siblings, followed by mere minutes by her twin brother Ryan. She, by far, possesses the most amount of sex appeal out of her siblings. At least, according to her.


Erin has always knew that she liked both genders, and it never seemed like much a big deal to her. This is probably because all three of her brothers are so enthralled by the opposite gender, and she’s always had access to pornography.


Although Erin is still technically a junior in high school, she could quite easily be a freshman in college. Since Erin has jumped from private school to private school during her teen years, she hasn’t been able to keep up with her studying. Being kicked out of private school has almost become a hobby with her, that her mom has finally given up and put her in the same public school as her brother Kyle.


Surprisingly, after thinking about what she wants to do after high school, Erin thinks she wants to go into teaching. Probably high school. Well, if she gets the attention there now, why not?


Fun fact! Jason was actually the one to teach Erin how to play drums!

Full name: Julie Jane Taylor
Birthday: January 29
Age: 15
Place in Fuchsia Night: Vocalist

Julie Taylor is the daughter of small business owners and pirate eccentrics Sparky and Buttercup. Because she’s the only child, she’s been doted on her whole life, and can be a bit needy and clingy.


She’s always loved singing, and has been caught singing everywhere, including public places. She attended private school until recently, where she formed her band Fuchsia Night with dormmates Erin, Rose and Cynthia. Together they won the Battle of the Bands. Her band has since broken up after Erin got herself and Julie kicked out of school, and were forced to move away to Belharght.


Julie has a bit of an obsessive personality. Currently her real obssession is Jason. She fell for him originally because they share a love for ska music, but for Julie it has become more than puppy love, and more of infatuation. She is quite oblivious as to how in love with Alicia Jason is.


Since Julie is only 15 and a high school sophomore, she has a bit of time before she really has to worry about anything pressing in her future. It also really helps that both her parents are quite financially sound. Owning three businesses does help.


Fun fact! Julie really likes eating. It’s not often you’ll find her without a candy bar or a hot dog. Because of her high metabolism, she burns off the calories easily.

Full name: Christopher Saunders
Birthday: June 24
Age: 14

Even I’m not really sure how Christopher Saunders became friends with everyone. He’s younger, smarter and nerdier than anyone else. With his IQ of 181 he skipped two grades, and so Chris is the only 14-year-old junior at Belharght High School.


Chris is an only child, but he’s maintained a pretty close relationship with his cousins, of course, closest with Meg. His dad travels very often for work, and so Chris never sees him much. His mom works nights, and comes home early in the morning, but she does the best she can to see Chris as much as she can. She can be very strict and sometimes too hard on him, though she thinks he spends too much time in his room tinkering or in the library studying.


Aside from studying and school, Chris is an avid role-player in games like Dungeons & Dragons. He also likes playing his Game Boy and on his computer. His hero is Albert Einstein. On the other hand, Chris is also not a fan of gym like his cousin Meg, mainly because he’s short and it’s tough to catch the ball when you’re short.


Even though Chris isn’t in Juvenile Diversion or does he play any instruments, he does play a large role in the band. He was recently nominated the manager by the band’s leader, Alicia. So far there hasn’t been much to manage. Chris also has several friends his age that are still in freshman year of high school, but Chris does the best he can to make time for them as well.


It’s hard to say where Chris is going to college, because honestly, he could go wherever he wants. All he needs to do is show up, really.


Fun fact! Chris is aligned Neutral Good in real life, but tends to roll Lawful Evil.