Your Future

I remember doing something like this in middle school/high school... I can't remember the exact questions or anything, but really this is just a plot device to future the story. Time to start thinking about your future, Alicia! Also, in case you can't read my doodly writing:

3 thoughts on “Your Future

  1. Ah yes…thinking about your future. Where you formally acknowledge the idiocy of allowing an 18 year old to make major life decisions, but since you have no other viable option, you go with it anyway.

    How many forty year olds out there would like to have words with the 18 year olds that made those decisions 22 years prior?

    1. I mean, aren’t you making a major life decision by choosing a major in college?

      1. Yes. And that would be part of the problem. The least most qualified person to make a decision that big about your life is someone who’s only existed for 18 years.

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