Happy Holidays 2022!

Hey all! Here's the holiday card design for this year! It's been some time since I drew just the JD girls, and I definitely cheated by using some designs I made years ago. Ha! Anyway, I hope you enjoy and have a great holiday season! :) See you all next year!

5 thoughts on “Happy Holidays 2022!

  1. Missing, Hasn’t been seen in months if not years, and currently neck-deep in some bizarre metaphysical adventure.

    Quite a lineup, yes sir.

  2. So…it’s February…and…well…

    ..I figure you know where this is going. People do still notice.

  3. Now it’s close to the end of February. No new comics, no update.

    Guess JD is dead. Too bad.

  4. Now it’s March. I think this comic is defunct.

  5. So…okay…it’s March. It’s probably time to take down the Christmas decorations and get back to work.

    Probably something real-life related. Ah well. See you in April!

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