The Main Star

Hey all! I can't believe this chapter is over already D: I'm going to take a bit of a break between chapters, primarily to finish writing (as usual) the next chapter, but I'm currently hoping to get the next chapter up in February. I don't have nearly as many hours at work anymore, so at least it shouldn't take as long as last time ^^; (I hope!) Anyway, I hope you liked this crazy chapter, and I look forward to drawing different characters next chapter! :D Happy Holidays all!

3 thoughts on “The Main Star

  1. …well, that was a thing that happened.

    This is starting to feel reaaaaaally “Funny Games”, and I did NOT like how that turned out one bit.

    1. lol, I have no idea what that is! Google tells me it is a psychological horror movie, and it’s absolutely not going to be that. Without… giving too much away I’d say we were definitely more inspired by Star Trek/Futurama type scenarios. 😉

      1. Very psychological. Also very meta. Meta to the point where it cheats like the filth that it is. I’m very much a fan of the straight horror. Good versus evil, evil generally loses but survives enough to come back for more later. Movies like Funny Games spit on that concept and therefore have my full contempt.

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