I spent way too much time online again. Where, you ask? Why, on the largest roleplaying forum game on the ‘net, gaiaonline.com! It’s a soul stealer! I haven’t even started an actual game roleplaying, but I’ve been working on making my avatar have clothes. It kinda sucked just having a ratty beggar dress. But today I just got a tank top and jean shorts. Much better. But it’s really fun looking at everyone’s art and fishing and gambling, and earning gold while you’re doing it. You should check it out.

So, this is the very first episode with Kyle and Jason. And Chris. Chris kind of just popped up in the story unexpectedly. He was this random character I added at the last minute. Actually he’s one of my friends in real life, but he doesn’t really look like that. And he just graduated high school a year ago, so he’s older. And he’s not really a genius. Jason is my boyfriend through and through. The only difference is Jason is a stick, and he’s got a tattoo, and he skateboards, and he’s a punk… And he lives in California. Just a couple of differences.

Kyle. He’s kind of the random mix between a couple of my friends. Mostly though, I think he’s my friend Aaron, only because Kyle is really girl-obsessed and so is Aaron. Actually, when I think about it, they’re really not that different. Kyle and Aaron are essentially the same person. Except Kyle doesn’t have a white-man’s ‘fro. Actually, Aaron doesn’t have that anymore, either. Ha. Oh, the the difference is that Aaron doesn’t act that dumb. Most of the time.

So, here I am, waiting for my boyfriend to come home from work. Playing on his computer. It was just way too hot out today. And I didn’t have work, so I’m slacking off. Dum de dum….’K, bye.