I’ve decided that this section will also be dedicated to raves as well as rants. Therefore, it will be called my “Rants and Raves” section. Genius, I know. This is because I can only rave about going on vacation. I guess that would only make sense, though. I suppose I shouldn’t be talking about it now, since I still have nineteen days left before we leave. I’ll finish my commentary before I leave, though. I still have a couple left to do before then.

I have something to confess about this episode. I’ve never seen Born on the Fourth of July. But I know what Tom Cruise plays in it (if you don’t know, he’s mentally handicapped). That’s the joke. All the posters and stuff around Jenny and Alicia are just things I totally made up.

Wow. I totally don’t know what to write about this week. I’m fresh out of funny stuff to say. It’s not hot or anything, but I guess it’s just because I realized my mom is leaving on Friday to go to Pennsylvania for a baby shower, and that was the day I was planning on spending the entire day with my boyfriend. And my dad’s in New York at work until Saturday. *Sigh.*

Totally weak.