Probably not the happiest comic I've ever done!
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  1. Zar Kane the Wookie

    Did she hand him the revolver or take it from him?

    • Heather F.

      She gave it to him 馃檨

  2. Lorem Ipsum

    Um… it’s beginning to look like the comic is on that dreaded “h” word… Any idea when we can expect updates?

    • Heather F.

      Hey! I’m not on break per se, but working in a pharmacy full time is definitely taking up more time than I’d like right now. Please hang in there, I’ll let everyone know when I get back to it ^^

  3. Steve

    So…ah…just a welfare check, as we go into month four. Anyone still alive in this thing?

    • Heather F.

      Hey, we’re good here… hope you are doing well, too!
      Since I work full time in a pharmacy I’m doing the exact opposite of what everyone else is doing, ie., working full time non-stop. (Example, I just worked seven days in a row 馃檨 )
      I’ll let everyone know when I get closer to being ready to update again! Thanks for being patient with me!

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