It's definitely a thing
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  1. Steve

    Young Billy later changed his name and got lost in throngs of people over long periods of time.

    Only after about three months of every kid in school calling him “Nancy”.

    Sure, he’d protest mightily that she knew the rudiments of all kinds of ninjitsu weirdness and that put her way outside the level of your standard playground brawler, but it didn’t suffice. He got beat up by a girl, the ultimate insult to any boy. Especially at that age.

    • Dean Farrington

      Considering that they are both beat up I would think most of kids would not say anything (takes two ppl to get into a fight). As for Heather’s commit i know its bit of a hidden meaning but she was trying to make a reference about what Billy is wearing (don’t worry i did not get it either at first you have to search for the answer and i was not very good with that kinda of book either).

      • Steve

        Oh wow. Where’s Waldo reference. Okay, I see it.

        As for the fight, come on. She’s got a red mark on her cheekbone. He’s got a black eye and is MISSING A TOOTH. It’s pretty clear who won that fight.

  2. Steve

    I’m more than prepared to ignore things like this, but you might get some angry anime nerds chiming in. “Shinobi” is generally for the male ninja. The ladies are “kunoichi.” Just to head off the horde of sweaty types in Naruto headbands who really pay attention to this sort of thing.

    • Dean Farrington

      Thank you Steve but later on you will know why we did not actually use those terms 😀

      • Steve

        Oh, cool. Hear that, Naruto nerds? There’s totally an explanation later so you can all put your firebombs away.

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