It’s called Monkey this week because my family went without me to Pizza Putt and won a stuffed monkey. Then later my two younger brothers ripped the monkey’s arms off, and my younger sister stuck in egg beaters as arms. It was awesome. I even took pictures on my mom’s digital camera, but she erased them! Then, my mom ripped a hole in the monkey’s face and stuck its tail through it. It was rad.

So that’s what happened to me this week. Um, episode 24 is about the continuation of Alicia and Jenny’s day – next week they go to the fair! I think this is where a lot of the storyline really starts developing, so I had a lot of fun with it. That’s also why I called a couple of the episodes “Introductions” and “And So It Begins.” Then we get another character back next week – guess who it is! You’ll have to wait until next week to find out. Let’s see…what else…I guess you kind of find out that Jenny has a lot of money. That’s kind of why she always dresses up all the time, and also she loves looking like a girl.

I’m still working on the new updated site. It’s starting to look really good, so it’ll be something to look forward to. I’m changing a few things – 1) The links and references page will become just the links page, and it’ll be cleaned up a lot, and I’ll have links to all of my favorite web comics and sites as well. 2) The menu bar will be on the side, and I’m making it look really nifty. 3) My commentary probably won’t be updated every week. Instead, I’ll update whenever I can, so it might be any day of the week. 4) Archives will have the second season added to it, since the next season starts in the middle of December. 5) The character page is a LOT more extensive. Also, they each have their own page when you click on a character. I soon will be adding banners of my comic so it can be used as a link on someone else’s page!

Other than that, I really should do my homework and get that done with.