It’s just a few moments before my favorite time of the week: new episode of South Park time. And this week marks the birth of Sticky the Third, my third flash drive. Sticky the First totally got smashed, and I mean smashed. I tried gluing it back together again with hot glue, but that was a mistake. I thought I was a technological genius, but I was sadly mistaken. Sticky the Second is MIA at the moment. I seriously have no idea where it is. The last time I saw StS was last Friday, when my boyfriend was helping me with my Flash homework. But, I don’t remember where I put it and now I have no idea where it is. It could’ve been picked up off the floor of Best Buy. But I hope to God it wasn’t because it had a bunch of my comics on it, and the beginnings of my updated website. SO…I have to start working on my website again. Luckily I haven’t done much.

So Sticky the Third has been born tonight. Huzzah. I’m just hoping that this won’t explode. That would be the next thing.

Anyway, have fun with episode 25, one of my favorites so far. It’s always fun when Kyle gets kicked. Or smacked. Or beat down. By girls, of course.