Today is my birthday! (Not Wednesday). I’m 20 years old! Yay! And since it is my birthday I am using colors that don’t even match because I don’t care! Yay! Life is wonderful! I still feel like I’m 15!

It just so happens that this week’s comic is also one of my favorites! One of my favorite drawn and storylines. I just opened up a whole new can of worms with this one! Jason knows something but he’s scared and won’t admit it! Girls are scary sometimes! Well, it starts here (the conundrum) and will continue eventually in some later episodes, (maybe the third or fourth season). I don’t know, because I just started the third, and I haven’t even drawn the final versions of the second season. So we’ll see what happens later on.

So, back to my birthday. I am willing to accept any presents or money you have to offer me. Just email me at my website at the top! Just kidding, I really only want a new car. Oh wait, no, I need a new car. There’s a difference.

Well, I won’t bore you any longer! Have fun with my comic and I’ll talk later about something more interesting maybe! See you!