I think I’m obsessed. I’ve been playing since I got out of work at 5 o’clock. I’m a lvl 19 human paladin at the moment (I’m sure I’ll be 20 tomorrow). But it’s just so much fun!! I also have a lvl 33 night elf druid, but I haven’t played her in a long time, because the server was full one day, and I just decided to start a new character. Her name is Katchoo (yes after Strangers in Paradise), and she is awesome, my pride and joy. It also helps that my boyfriend is a 59 human paladin as well on the same server. But unfortunately we can’t play together because I play on his computer, as well as do my website! Oh, well. Someday my family hopes to get satellite internet access, but it costs like, a hundred dollars a month because it’s so fast and efficient. All we have now is dial up, which does diddly. So I am stuck playing WoW here. But at least I get to play at all!

OK. So we’ve reached episode 17. I think this episode is one of the highlight episodes, because it starts to bring all the main characters together in a sense, and it goes for a couple more episodes. You also may have noticed that the font is different. I liked this font at first, because it was more comic book-y, but I only use it for about three episodes. One, because it was kind of hard to read, and two, because PhotoShop was being a bitch and not letting me do bold and italic to the font. Blah. So, after that I switch back to Verdana again. Good old Verdana.

So, I guess that’s it for this week. Enjoy the episode, and keep up the site hits! Tell your friends! Tell your dog! Tell your mom! Go to class and tell everyone that if they do not visit my website the evil monkey in my closet will eat them! Well…anyways, thanks for trying. You did your best. See you next week.