Hot damn, I’m stoked ’cause I finally got the shading style I wanted down pat ^_^ It takes probably half the time, and looks much cleaner (I think) Finally! And all it really took was the lasso tool XD no more brush for shading!

Sorry about the technical difficulties earlier this week… I broke the theme again XD But I figured out how the child themes are supposed to work, and now I shouldn’t have anymore problems when I update the theme (hopefully). Not quite done fixing it, but the comic is readable, so that’s all that really matters. I’ll go through all the little options later.

I almost didn’t have the comic up this week because it’s just really been another long one (I am sooo ready to just tell my job to stick it) but I took Thursday off because I wasn’t feeling too well (this is true) but well enough to draw up the comic ^^ So good for you guys.

OK, enjoy several panels of some (overdue) shirtless Kyle! ;D