Sunday is my birthday and all I got was this cold and a flat tire…. and this! I urge everyone to go check it out, it’s awesome and hilarious. Dean got me two commissions for my 22nd birthday and one of them was from Alchemy-Rose on DeviantArt. The other one isn’t quite finished yet, but I will post the link when it is.

This episode took forever and a half to do. Drawing it actually didn’t take that long, but when I got to inking it… ugh. It took me about two days because I ran out of time the first day. I hope it was worth it…. I think it came out pretty good. But I’m gonna warn everyone… I kinda steer away from Kyle for a couple of episodes and a little side-story ensues. Originally, I was going to do this mini-story last season, but in the end it worked better here. So next week you can read it.

I almost didn’t get this up on time on account of the computer at my house being utter crap and not working properly. And my having a flu/cold thing whatever. But after two hours I got SmartFTP to work again and so the comic will be up on time! (Knock on wood) But, whatever. Enjoy the comic.