So, it’s Dean’s birthday (happy 24th to him!) and I’m at his house finishing up the comic and other things. The Internet is not connecting at the moment… because it hates me. Hopefully I get everything up on time, or I will cry.

This week has been super-stressful. The piles of homework are getting a little overbearing for me, and even though it’s only the fifth week of school, I’m already all stressed out. Server-side scripting is a bitch. Seriously, I’m terrible at programming, so it’s really hard for me. Hopefully when I get out of school I’ll be able to find someone to do the programming part for me, and I’ll be able to just design stuff.

Anyway, onto the comic. I hope that these two couple of comics (this week and next) will explain a lot of unexplained things. I didn’t want to give everything away at the beginning, you see. That’s what makes the comic better and better. These things must not be rushed.

OK, well I hope everyone enjoys the comic and all that. Have a good week!