First I want to say I’m sorry if you can’t read the triplets’ writing. Drop me a line if you can’t, and I shall change it for the future. I also think I overdid the patterns a bit in this episode. But oh well. I’m still experimenting, so deal with it.

Oh, by the way, I’m doing a banner for my website for my midterm for Flash class, and it should be done quite soon, since it’s due in less than two weeks. It’s quite cool, if I do say so myself, but it is my first real animation, so go easy on me. You should be able to check it out on the ComicGenesis website in my profile, MoulinSP85. Other than that, there’s no real updates for now. Sorry!

Speaking of midterms, mine rock. The only other midterm I have other than the Flash project is a take home exam for Intro to Psychology that I got last week. I’ve only answered a couple of questions, but it’s open book and everything and it shouldn’t be too hard or much of a problem. I mean other than draw episodes of JD in class, I do pay attention!

Yeah, so, I think I’m done. Not much else to chat aboot, so I’m going back to WoW.