Shopping Hell

Yeah, so the bad news is there's no power anywhere around my house which totally sucks, but the good news is I get to stay at my boyfriend's house tonight. Yupyup. Also, the good news is that this week my website counter hit 100! Celebrate! Also, my other good news is that Monday is Halloween. Huzzah! And, for Sunday, when I'm working for seven and half hours, I get to dress up in my kitty costume! Yay! As for this week's comic, I think every teenage girl has had this horrific scenario happen to them. As for me, I am the abnormal post-teenager. I never had that really annoyed feeling of having to shop with your mother. I don't really care. I'd rather her pick out my clothes frankly, because my mom shops at Hot Topic. More than I ever do. But she'll buy me pants and Converses there, so it works for me. Well, hopefully the power will be back on by tomorrow. That's what they keep saying on the news, anyway. I want to take a shower at home, dammit! But I get to go eat at the mall, so Taco Bell tonight, yay!

4 thoughts on “Shopping Hell

  1. I was going to comment something about the arrows, but not sure what. That they’re neat? Just that I found them helpful? idk…
    um…. no. Stupid feelings. I am not about to mention that after finding this comic today, I’m prolly only reading it coz I really wish I was a teen in the 2000s (am 19 rn) and am starting t… stupid. I… idiot. Idiot…
    Driving a taxi wheeeee!

    1. I was pretty amateur at making comics when I created this page… fourteen years ago (?!) but the new version of this page (in my printed comic book) doesn’t have the arrows and is much easier to read.

      1. I’d actually seen the latest page before posting that, derp. Guessing the books cover the first two storyarcs, and you haven’t made any more into book form because the sales so low (how is it seriously only five??
        Awesomeness, and strawberries. God, it’s so annoying that I can’t get notified of replies to wordpress comments urgh!

        1. No prob… I’ve sold a lot more to people in person, during conventions, etc.
          There is a way to get notified, just click the little box underneath the comment when you go to reply that says “Get notifications by email” 😉

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