So here I am again, writing yet another commentary. You’d think by now I’d be an expert at this and know exactly what I was talking about. But no. Still, I’ve yet to have something interesting and intriguing to talk about. Sigh. And there really isn’t anything that exciting going on in my life right now, either. I wish there was, but then I probably wouldn’t have time to write this and draw comics. I’m ahead about a month now, and that’s usually where I like to be.

Since I’ve already had a comic with Jason and Alicia (Episode 13) I thought it was time to do our other couple-in-denial, Kyle and Jenny. I’d like to say I know someone in real life that’s a lot like them, but the only two people I can think of that went out but didn’t actually go out, are my friends Aaron and Kat. I don’t even know if they’re even talking anymore. They used to be such good friends. But I think it was friends with benefits more than anything else. But Kyle and Jenny are a little bit different, because even though Kyle is quite a bit like my friend Aaron, Jenny isn’t much like Kat. She was originally based on my ex-best friend, but I decided she turned out a lot more like my little sister (ew, creepy), because of her attitude and all. But I guess it’s only fitting that Kyle and Jenny are like Kat and Aaron, because Alicia and Jason are like me and my boyfriend (only they’re more oblivious).

It’s kind of hard for me to focus right now because my boyfriend just took a shower and shaved and he looks soooooooooo good. Oh my God. I’m finding it hard to think straight right now, because my hormones are like, in overdrive. Or in cruise control or something. So I’m going to have to stop right about now because I might do something. OK! See you later.