It feels like forever since the last comic. Now that it’s only once a week, it’s always good that I only have to update this once a week as well.

On to Kyle’s next sibling. Ryan Timmons is one of Kyle’s three older siblings, 18 years old and his older sister Erin’s twin brother. He goes to college at the University of California (which is supposedly near where they live, if I ever decide where exactly that is). For the most part, he’s pretty much just as crude and snarky as the rest of his family.

Oh Jeez… what else to talk about… Well, if you haven’t noticed yet, I skipped the 11,000 fan service picture. Now don’t worry, I haven’t stopped drawing them completely, there will definitely be more to come. The thing is, I’m going to only be doing them every 2,000 pageviews now. This is because of a couple of reasons. One being I’m in school, so not as much time to color stuff. Also, I think that the pageview count is substantially rising faster than I can really count anymore, so I think waiting a couple thousand pageviews is not nearly as long as one might think.

Yeah, so I sound like I’m slacking off a bit, but I swear I’m not. I’m in five classes right now you gotta remember, and that is not easy. But thank you for all the continuous reading from everyone as well as all the dedicated fans!