My God, what’s this? I actually did something relatively fast and on time?! Wow!

OK, so I’m getting lots of different comments from different people. Let’s see if I can address them all.

1. Kyle has hypersensitive healing powers and therefore his sunburn is magically gone! (Actually in reality, it’s been a couple of weeks, so it’s pretty much gone away on its own). If you hadn’t noticed, it had been getting lighter and lighter up until this point. I figured a beginning of a new season was a good time to just completely abolish it. So there you go.

2. Kyle is a bastard. (Like you didn’t already know this). He’s also a horndog, and he’ll do anything to get with any girl. BUT (and this is a big but) he really likes Jenny. Not just for her huge assets (mind you) but also because she keeps him in line, and she genuinely cares for him back. He doesn’t like to admit that he has feelings for someone out loud, so that’s why he assumes that he’s pussy-whipped (there, I said it… the language only gets worse and worse from here on out anyway). He basically just doesn’t want to become Jason… but he’s pretty much in love with the girl.

Just don’t take these things too seriously…. Remember, it is only a webcomic… (Even though I pretty much have to deal with Kyle myself all the time, on account of he’s based on my boyfriend). Just try to enjoy it. I know people are, so I’m not worrying about this.

Well, I think that’s enough talking for now… I really hope everyone likes the new site… Juvenile Diversion version 4.0 or whatever it is. If there are any questions or anything wrong with the site in any way, please do not hesitate to tell me.

… See you next week!