Welcome to season EIGHTEEN. Holy crap. My comic is legal.

I guess you can guys can figure out at least from the title that this is the Christmas/NEW YEAR’S season. Yup, that means it’s the very last season that takes place in 1988. Makes me melancholy. It’s like it’s been ’88 for eight and half years. XD

Also yes, that is Vienna… she looks so drastically different because 1. It’s been almost six years since I drew her in the comic last and my art doesn’t suck as much and 2. I got rid of the pink in her hair, and I already have a pink-haired character… and she was getting confused for several other characters with similar hair. Plus, considering she had changed her look so much from April to October (season 6), I imagine she changes her hair regularly. And she’s also a Siouxsie fan (-B

Welp, hope you guys enjoy this roller-coaster season ;^)