It takes a lot to make Ryan angry or upset, but usually the quickest way to do it is for something to happen to his twin sister. Wow! Look at this spiffy new site design! Frumph released 4.0 of ComicPress this past week... luckily I didn't have to upload 400+ comics over again (Thank God). But it's really easy to customize and I was able to make the site look way more how I wanted it to. Dare I say it's... snazzy? Also, it's seems I have a lot more room on top for the comic... Do you guys want me to upload bigger comics? It'd probably be somewhere in the 900-950 wide range. Right now I upload them at 780px.

9 thoughts on “Lifestyle

  1. Good to see her called out on this at last.

  2. Snazzy as the new background might be, you might want to adjust a few things to read the commentary or see the related comment links. The black stars in the background make any of the black text unreadable, and the unclicked links are pretty much the same color as whatever color of blue you have alternating there.

    Otherwise, I like how it looks.

    1. There are still some issues I think with Comic Easel, which make it so sometimes the theme that I made does not show up… So it sounds like it’s not fully loading for you… Just try either refreshing, or wait a couple hours and come back later… This happened on my PC and my laptop so far. It *should* have black text on a white background… the starry background shouldn’t even affect the text… Let me know the next time you come on the site how it looks for you.

      1. That white thick stripe in the middle is now present.

        1. It should look like this:

          It seems like they got the kinks worked out with the new update, so hopefully you’re seeing the same thing ^_^

  3. I agree and what happened to the sight.

  4. High five.
    Someone shoulda said that 30 strips ago.

  5. *salutes Ryan* Respect my man… respect

  6. My name actually is Ryan – I swear, I’m not making this up – and I tend to keep track of characters with the same name, as people may use those as references for my own personality. This guy makes me proud to be a Ryan.

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