Happy St. Patrick’s Day! First of all, sorry ’bout the late news update. Stuff happened, mostly no actual access to the Internet for a couple of days… but here you go, news update time.

So, Jason’s starting to look a little rough, huh? It’s officially the third day of season four. Hmm. But yeah, I guess listening to the Smiths and the Cure and sulking on the couch for three days straight can do that to ya.

But, yeah, I’m pretty happy with how this one came out… I haven’t drawn Corky in a while, so I was definintely happy with that… I’m super happy with the fact that I did some backgrounds beforehand, that definitely saved some time…

OK, yeah, so I guess that’s about it… just glad I got the news up finally. And just because I love you guys, I will post the link to my St. Patrick’s Day art up here. And because I have yet to post the link to the fan service for 5000 hits, here it is. Enjoy, and see you Friday!