I’m so sorry about the late update! Grr at school! And grr at the Internet too! It hasn’t been working at my house for the last two days, otherwise the comic would have been up on time. I will update the archives soon too, but I know Dean’s gonna whine and complain if I do it now.

Anyways, back to Kyle and his super new job. Those backgrounds took a really long time to do. Thank God I only gotta do em once. It seems like I complain a lot about backgrounds, huh? They’re just really tedious, but they do look good.

So Buttercup doesn’t look perfect, I know, but I try. She’s a new character, so she’ll take some getting used to.

I guess that’s about it for now… I’m really hungry so I can’t really concentrate, and Dean’s being a bum… so here’s the comic. Enjoy.