Introducing Buttercup! Thought I should at least let you know her name. She’s a lot of fun.

First, thank God I don’t have to draw Kyle wearing that shirt EVER AGAIN. What was I thinking in episode 11? I was young and naive, I guess. Yeah, so I think these backgrounds are working out pretty good. They take lots of my time away, but I’m glad they make my comic look pretty.

So, there’s a bit of this jumping back and forth between the characters for a bit longer… sorry if it’s confusing. I have a set storyline, don’t worry. It all comes together.

And be sure to check out your well-deserved fan service! I’ll post the link up here as soon as I get it up on DeviantArt. Thank you again, everyone! Also, now that I’m getting over my cold, I’ll get more art up as well.

That’s aboot it, I guess. Enjoy the comic and see you next Friday!