Woo, the last day of February!

Firstly, I hope that everyone noticed all the work I did over this vacation week on the site. Enjoy the extras page, and if you want to use one of my links, go right ahead, and send me yours if you want… I’ll be happy to post it on my links page!

On to the comic: yeah, I know there’s no punchline… the storyline is getting underway at this point in time… but at least I don’t have to draw Jason in that shirt ever again! Woo! (I do love Pink Floyd, though, don’t worry.)

So, Jason’s mom, if you want to know a bit about her: her name is Alexis Slattery, she’s 32 (she had Jason when she was 16) and she’s a single mum (she’s got a boyfriend, but has never been married). And she has much better taste in decorating than Chris’ mom. I know you’ve seen her before, but I never mentioned anything about her before.

Also, I hope everyone likes my awesome background making skills. Jason’s house was pretty fun to do, mostly probably cause it’s super-tiny.

K, well that’s about it for now except for I’m reminding everyone to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! Also, I have the picture drawn (not colored yet) for when I hit 5000, so keep those hits comin’ in!

See you next week!