Hello again, everyone. Another Friday, another comic. I have to say I especially liked all the copying and pasting action that went on in episode 82… It definitely saved me some time. I got this comic done over a week before it came out, in other words, last Wednesday.

Do you like my new nifty backgrounds? They took a little while to do, but they were pretty fun. I know that panel with Jason walking away (second to bottom on the right) looks a little funky, but I’m really bad at perspective and all that, so I did the best I could. As for the last three panels in this comic, I gotta say I love the way they came out… Kyle looks pretty much perfect.

So the storylines have begun to collide a little bit. It only gets better from here (or worse, I guess, depending on who you like in the comic, etc…).

Oh, and before I forget, don’t forget to vote in my new poll… it’s not a popularity contest, but I wanna know who your favorite character is!

K, guess that’s it for now… enjoy the comic, and see you next week!