So it’s finally Monday. In the comic.

My God did those backgrounds take a long time to draw. I started drawing them on Monday, and didn’t finish until Tuesday after a couple of hours. I really wanted to get another Valentine’s Day drawing in on DeviantArt, but I just didn’t really have the time, and by the time I did finish the comic, I was pretty tired. So at least you get a pretty well drawn comic instead. Whew.

So ze plot, she thickens. This is pretty much the real starting point of this season. And yeah, Jason’s in pretty much that mood for the entire run. This is where I had a hard time writing the comic, because Dean and I decided it would make for a really good storyline – and it does, don’t get me wrong – but it was very hard to write. Because I love Jason, and it breaks my heart to break his.

I realize that this isn’t my best art, ’cause I think I kinda rushed it. I also saved the comic as a gif, not a jpeg, because since I started using the brush instead of the burn tool, I think it takes up much less room, because there aren’t any little gradients everywhere to make the file huge. Plus, I like the way it looks better anyway. So brush it is. Oh, and I started using a different shape text bubble a few comics ago, and I’m really liking this one a lot better, because it really does block a lot less of the picture, so I believe I will be sticking with this one.

OK, I realize I’m blabbering on a ton about stuff you probably don’t want to read, so I’ll stop now. I do notice that I’m halfway to 5000, so keep telling people to read JD! Please! There will be fan service!