Chris’s Super Fun First Date

I moved the news box down over here because 1. I thought it made more sense, and 2. it fills up the screen much nicer, I think. I've decided I'm going back to the whole updating the news box everytime I update the comic, because I think it makes more sense to actually have me explain some things that might not make sense. I've gotten enough questions to let me know that I should be doing this. So, first things first: I wasn't very happy with how I was shading the comic, so that was the first thing I changed since last week... I like the brush much better anyway. Also, I colored Evie's lips in, which looks better I think... In case you were wondering, it's still Sunday (the first day), but at this point it's about dinner time... (that's why their clothes are different!)... Guess that's all for now...

One thought on “Chris’s Super Fun First Date

  1. Smooth.


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