Made it… finished at 10:45 p.m. on Thursday, June 12, 2008, EST.

And of course, with all the episodes that I rush through, I’m not completely satisfied with. Bleh. Oh well, it’s good enough I guess. Now I’ll have even less time, cause I’ll be going to the gym on my days off for a bit (cause I am fat), and my boss from my job last summer (that I loved) called me today and offered me a job again (yays!) so I’ll probably start working there. Of course, that means I’ll be working at the store less, so it’ll probably even out. We’ll see. I’ll still get the comic up twice a week with all my might (which is a lot!).

So yeah, the big Battle of the Bands is here, and this is yet another song that I wrote (and never finished) but here’s the lyrics that I wrote especially for the comic, because I realized it fit better with the comic instead of my real life. Originally it was called “The Rant Song” because of the verses were all supposed to be rants or something… but Al’s not really ranting, so I guess the name didn’t really fit. Gah, this is the only bad part about comics… that there’s no audio… I wish you guys could hear it, because it does have a melody, but I don’t feel like recording it, plus I don’t have any recording software. :p Just know it is a slow song, not a punk rock song (if you couldn’t get that).

K, so I guess that’s about it… enjoy!!