Yet another shaving it close episode. Got it done at 9 p.m. But it wasn’t too bad, I wasn’t spending all day on it at all. But I’m still pretty tired cause I spent about two hours at the gym today and I’m going Thursday and Saturday too. Every couple of days, that’s what my trainer said.

Yeah, so maybe this place doubles as a comedy club? I don’t know, brick walls seem to work for everything. They’re pretty much everywhere they play, except for Jason’s basement…

So yet another random kiss attack. That’s why the title, by the way. Oh, Julie.

Um, so Friday is the last episode of the season. Huh. Weird. It went by pretty fast. And there’ll be a recap on next Tuesday (yay, they are so short and easy for me to do), and for the first time almost ever, I’m taking that Friday off. Just one day, don’t kill me! The reason behind this is because 1) I have a ton to do other than the comic always; 2) I want the next season to start at the beginning of the month; and 3) Because I’ll be on my annual vacation from July 6th to July 14th. That means there will be two episodes coming out when I’m gone, and one the day right after I get back. So I want to (hopefullyhopefullyhopefully) get a little bit ahead during that time period. Heh. No, seriously, I will try. Cause I probably won’t have an Internet connection all vacation, unless I go find and pay for an Internet cafe.

But anyway, enjoy the comic!