Something’s not right here… because usually Kyle’s in these positions… get it?

Anywho, so ends another 24 episodes… woo. Sorry for the abrupt ending, but the next season pretty much just starts up right where this one ends, so there really isn’t anything lost in between, except for the weekend, but it starts the Monday after… you’ll see. I’m just happy I don’t have to use that crowd scene again. XD

So as you readers probably know, I don’t really like to abuse anime/manga type themes, but the whole girl-pulling-out-a-hammer idea just worked so well, I couldn’t resist. So Alicia gets a squeaky hammer because I believe that’s all she’s capable of handling, plus that’s about as mad as she’ll ever get.

K, so there’s a recap on Tuesday, but if you don’t already know I’ll be taking next Friday off… please don’t kill me! I need a teeny break. Season eight will start up on July 1st! And it will be epic.

So enjoys!