Yay! Got it done on time! *dancing time*

So this weekend was a blur of wrong turns and mistaken directions. I visited my dad in Massachusetts, I hadn’t seen him in five years, so it was good to see him again. Plus yesterday I saw my Grandma and Grandpa, my aunt and uncle and a bunch of my cousins (and a bunch I hadn’t met), so it was good times. I wish I could’ve stayed longer, but Dean had to get to work at 3 am last night (this morning?) and we really had to go. Hopefully it won’t be 5+ years til the next time I see everybody.

It’s hard to believe this season is almost over… it started the end of February, so that means it’s only about four months long. Season eight is so awesome, I know you guys are gonna love it.

That’s about it, hope you enjoy as usual!