Updating the news again… But it may be the last time on this site… As the comic will be moving soon! I’m really really excited… I’ve had some technical difficulties the last few days, but I think I got everything up and working again… Again, I thought GoDaddy did something weird to their servers, but turns out it was my end again XD

The best part is I won’t have to code the news and everything everytime I post. And if you plan on following the RSS feed, then you’ll get the comic and blog posts, so I won’t really have to do anything except for post once I get everything done. ^^ I really love WordPress so far; it is such an amazing and intuitive program. I can’t believe I didn’t start using it way earlier. Also, it will be awesome because you guys will get to post comments on each individual comic as well as share on Twitter, Facebook, etc… oh jeez, I can’t wait for the move!

Hopefully a couple of weeks from now I’ll have everything uploaded and such… then I will post the link for you guys! I hope you all love the new site! ^3^