OK, I know nothing about planes really, ‘cept that they’re really fast and they fly. So the same goes for jets. But I did look up the ETA from San Diego-ish to Boulder, Colorado, which is close to where Jenny’s family’s lodge is. And I think it’s something like three-four hours. Or less… I can’t remember, it was a while ago when I wrote episode.

But think about it:
~Jenny, Meg, Evie = all wear skirts
~Chris, Julie = waaay too short
~Erin = seriously? His sister?
~Jason = you don’t wear another dude’s pants. ‘Specially your best friend’s.

So that pretty much leaves Alicia, they’re essentially the same body type, really… Alicia’s built pretty close boyishly, and she’s only about four-five inches shorter than Kyle. Think of it this way: I’m 5’6″ and Dean is 6’0″ (also the exact same heights between Alicia and Jason, btw) and I can fit in his pants. (lol)

So it makes sense. Just trust me, it works.

I’m reaaaallly tired. Also, I’m reaaaallly not looking forward to school starting (September 3rd for me) 🙁