Stating The Obvious

I was like, "Woo, five panels, that'll take, like half the time!" More like double the time. I'll have to remind myself to never draw all nine of them in one panel again, that was a dumb idea. 'Specially getting all their heights right, that took forever. So I think drawing it took longer than coloring it for some reason. After finishing the first panel, I managed to finish the second panel, but I gave up for the night after that. Then last night I inked it and fell asleep. I don't know why I was so tired, possibly the 25-30 hours of work I do a week, plus going to the gym three times a week, plus doing this. Maybe. Possibly. Gah, and that last panel was a bitch to draw. I don't even know why angle I was going for, but it was a bad one. Bleh. Oh well, it came out decent, I guess. Good enough for government work. Yeah, so I even looked up pictures of jets and inside the jets, and the jets in the pictures were even prettier than Jenny's jet. But I kinda took some of the reference from the pictures anyway... none of the pictures had plants in them! OK, I think that's enough rabbiting on... All in all, it was fun to draw. I'm not complaining. Seriously.

2 thoughts on “Stating The Obvious

  1. “It’s been 20 panels
    I need to bang again”

  2. Kyle… you need to wait until AFTER takeoff to join the 10-mile high Club!

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