Hi peoples. Here’s the comic. I added this episode in after I had already written 188, it was weird. I can’t remember how far I got before I added it, but it made more sense to have an episode where Kyle actually changed into Alicia’s pants, and then I just had fun with it. But… last episode on the plane, then I don’t have to worry about drawing it again until the end of season ten.

Bleh, so there really isn’t much to talk about… I’m trying not to think about going to school so much, but hey! It’ll finally be my last year. Then I can die. XD Seriously, no then I can shoot off a fireword or something. And maybe this year I’ll have more time to do other drawings (noprobablynotmeh).

Yeah, so only about a thousand views to go til 40,000! And I never updated the link to the 35,000 hits pic! I am lazy! I blame this on WoW. My so-called “lowbie” character is now lvl 62. Meh, didn’t think that’d ever happen. After a year hiatus, I think I went a little nuts. Hm. And now I actually have a horde character! The blasphemy!

But yeah, the 40,000 readers pic will be up on DA hopefully by next week is what I will hope to myself. I drew it awhile, and it’s awesome, and hopefully you guys will like it, ’cause I really really do!