Another close call… I’ve had a rough week so far… I had to get a new cell phone due to circumstances, and so my number’s changed… so everyone who knows me don’t call me at my own number! I will tell you my new one at some point, but in the meantime you know how to get ahold of me.

Plus, my school financial issues suck. I’m kind of poor, and really really in debt, but this is (THANK GOD) my last year so the financial issues should be resolved after I’m done. Meaning, I’ll be even poorer. 🙁

But yeah, I was seriously thinking of just cancelling today’s comic, and making it the comic for Friday instead, but somehow I finished it in about record time… two and a half hours? I started it yesterday, but I was off phone hunting so I didn’t even finish inking it… but since I had to rush straight home to call financial aid, we somehow got that straightened out and I should be registered for classes again by tomorrow since I got kicked out due to not paying… also 🙁

But hopefully the slacker-ness doesn’t look too bad in the comic (since I used a photo for the bg), I altered it a bit and added some stuff, so it looks spiffier than it did.

And, unfortunately for you guys, this is the last Tuesday update of the summer, and the year. I know it’s sad, but this is my last year of school and I will see how the updates will work once I finish. But I’ll worry about that then. Too much other stuff to worry about now.

Enjoy the comic! (Sorry ’bout my blabbing!)