You guys crack me up. I just think it’s funny how so many people were trying to guess what was on Kyle’s shirt… I never said it was something important! I usually just make stuff up for shirts as I go… especially Kyle since I run out of ideas the most for him. There are only so many Irish bands and pubs to come up with names of.

Yeah, but anyway… The house is going well… the inspection was good, nothing huge to take care of which is good. The latest we’ll be closing if everything goes perfectly (which it is so far ^^) will be November 10th. Which is also good because I wanna get season 10 done with before we have to move, and there’s only four more comics after this, which means four more weeks. I’m not sure how soon we’ll get teh Interwebs after we move, but I’m looking through a few different providers. Right now the most important thing is having enough money for closing, and having money for monthly payments. And oh yeah, me finding a job. That would help.

Anyone need a website?