Ugh, I’m so dosed up on Novocaine right now… and I gotta go to work in an hour. That should be a hoot. Although it feels slightly tingly right now, so maybe it’s wearing off. I found out that on top of the root canal I gotta get in a few weeks, I gotta get a crown put on it, as well as a few more cavaties to fill up. Ugh. This is nothing new to me really, I’m quite familiar with the numb and filling/pulling of my teeth, but this is my first root canal. They told me I didn’t really have any tooth left there. No wonder it hurt like a mother.

So yeah, gonna get that done. Today we’re gonna get our home inspection done! Although as I’m writing this, it’s tomorrow at 9am, but I won’t be on the computer, so I’m letting everyone know now. I’m nervous and excited about that at the same time. I think that the house should be OK for the most part, because the woman who lives there now has had tons of work done on her house in the past decade or so. But I’ve been watching HGTV like crazy, so I definitely know that there is no such thing as a perfect house. So we’ll see.

Plus I gotta get work done on my car! It never seems to end. Somehow I got the comic done with this week on top of all this stuff, and I had work every single day this week. It’s all just melding in to each other. For some reason, this week just seemed to go on and on forever. But it’s almost the weekend, and I’m going to the fair on Saturday! So at least the week will end good. Yay.

Enjoy the comic, guys!