Oh Julie, you’re so devious.

So if you haven’t been reading my Twitter lately, Dean and I are now currently in the process of buying our first house. I can finally move out of my parents’ basement! Woot, mortgage and bills, here I come! The best part is, when this finally goes through, I can quit Hannaford at long last. I might not even make it to seven years, who knows? Dean’s already put a down payment and there’s a seminar thing to go to on Saturday that he’s going to (I’m pretty sure I’m not needed since he’s signing everything), and to see if we can get a grant. If we get the grant, then everything’ll be great and we won’t need much money to cover down payments/closing costs at all!

But so far it’s lookin’ good!

OK, so no one’s said anything bad about the hand-drawn text balloons, so I assume that means they look OK. That being said, I think I’ll continue to draw them in like this from now on. Because I like ’em.

Oh, and one more thing. Another fellow comic artist I watch on DeviantArt, Tamyra Cohan, and I have done an art trade – I did her character Cat, and she did Erin for me! Go check her out! (Erin’s topless though, fair warning XD)

Enjoy the comic!