Oh, Julie, don’t you know that Jason’s soul mate is really Kyle?

I love that fourth panel… for some reason it reminds me of a Tycho and Gabe conversation… not really sure why. I do love Julie’s outfit though. I’d never wear it in real life, but it looks pretty nifty on her.

Well, still waiting to hear on the second grant… that’s the big one. Basically it says that we just have to stay in the house for at least five years, and we get like $14K. Pretty sweet. So that definitely helps with payments. But if we don’t get it, (even though that’s pretty unlikely at this point) we don’t get the house. But I’m pretty positive about it.

OK guys, so guess what happens in less than two weeks? I’ll give you a hint… I’ll be a year older… … OK, so that’s a big hint. But… presents!