Can you find the sailboat in that painting? I know I sure can’t!

For some reason it was really hard to find the word ├índele online… I kept trying to look it up ’cause I didn’t know the actual spelling, but Google seems to hate me, but I finally found it on some website.

I can’t believe there’s only two episodes left this season! I was like, hmm, I wonder why it’s seemed like forever since they got to Colorado… it’s because it was forever ago! I think it’s about time I start drawing California again, especially since I went there partly to get a better view of the actual surroundings in real life. I think I did decide on one thing though… I think Belharght is a tad more north than I originally anticipated. Because going to San Diego is practically like going to Mexico weather-wise… except for the high prices >< What's going to happen after season ten ends, is that I'm going to take an-ever-so-short hiatus from the storyline, but in JD's place I will have short strips about more real-life stuff. Everyone seems pretty excited about this, so we'll see how it all folds out. I'll let everyone know what the dates of the strips will be. Still waiting to hear about the grant so I can move out! *sigh*