Sorry about the lack of a news post again. I’m getting really bad at doing that frequently…

OK, so let’s just say yay, finally Julie’s actually in the comic! Now it’s not really weird that I’m posting pictures of her on DA and such. I’ll tell you a couple of things about her: She’s younger than the rest of the crew (except for Chris), she’s fifteen and a sophomore. And she loves ska! I bet you couldn’t tell that from the title! But yeah, she’s also the lead singer of her band Fuchsia Night, but doesn’t play any instruments. And she LOVES to eat. She almost always has food on her, and it’s usually candy (as you can see here).

OK, so this is the Battle of the Bands storyline, which Dean and I worked on like crazy for a long time before it was really done. I can’t believe season seven is almost over! But I think this was a good way to end it.

And for the people that missed Alicia and/or Jason, this is pretty much their storyline and Julie’s… but it really kind of focuses on all of them… I don’t know… just read it, cause I don’t want to give anything away.

So that’s about it for now, I guess. Hopefully I remembered to write everything I was going to. Gah. Crowd scenes take forever to draw! Enjoy the comic!