So, learning Japanese is going well. I don’t have much to tell about my life for this week. I’ve been working and trying to save up some bucks for the vacation I’m taking with my boyfriend. We’re going to Montreal! Yeah! Unfortunately, I’m a really bad spender (it burns a hole in my pocket), so my bank account is kind of getting low. I weep a river for myself. And I went to Barnes & Noble yesterday, and there are so many books I want! But I have to stop spending my money so much, because my car is kind of on the verge of dying. Yesterday it almost overheated, and I had to pull it over in the nearest gas station. I’m so glad I made it that far, because the brakes get really hard to push when there’s no water in my car. So I got some water in my car, and it’s been fine since, thankfully.

About this week’s JD fiasco: pizza shop craziness! Jenny tries to tell Alicia that she can get a job with her, but Alicia can’t stop with her wayward thinking (much like myself). I hate when that happens. Kyle tries to score some pizza! But yeah, I agree with what Jenny says, “You work here, aren’t you sick of it?” That’s why if I worked at McDonald’s or something, I could never eat it because I’d get so sick of it, and when I quit, I’d never want to eat it again. Hmm, maybe I should get a job there!

Alas, I am stuck at Hannaford.