So this week I actually do have something to rant about. I was at the mall today and all I wanted to do was play an innocent game of Dance Dance Revolution. Anyway, I was playing my second game with my sister’s friend and I was on my second song and these two 13- or 14-year-olds came up to us to play a game. What you’re supposed to do is just put a quarter on the side and get out of the way and wait your turn. One of the kids (the smaller one) stood in my way while he put his stupid quarter there and was blocking my way, while I was doing really well, I might add. This sort of bugged me but I just looked past it. After I was done with that song, I called my brother over to come pick a new song for me. The punk small kid said “Let me pick one,” so my brother did. I said to my brother “Don’t pick one that’s harder than two or three,” because I was on light and it’s still pretty hard for me. The punk picked a four, and said that it wasn’t that hard. So I was like, “fine,” because I didn’t feel like dealing with him. So the song started and it was actually really hard for me because I’m not that good yet. I didn’t want to stop, because I wanted to get better. Then the punk got on the dance pad and said “Let me play.” OK, you don’t get in front of someone you don’t even know and kick them out of their own game. I said, “No, it’s my money, I’m going to finish it.” I was fully annoyed now. And even near the end of the game he asked me again, and I said, “No, I’m not giving up my seventy-five cents that easily!” I felt like kicking the stupid punk. So they played their stupid DDR game after us, and one of them got a C. So I laughed.

Anyway, that felt good. This week’s episode doesn’t have much plot or anything for that matter. Just more about getting a job. Real life fun stuff. I guess that’s enought “talking” your ear off. I shall bid you farewell.