Yet again I am going on vacation! Huzzah! This week it’s a fun-filled weekend off to pleasant Montreal! And the best part is, it’s only with my boyfriend! Yeah! I’m excited, can’t you tell? So we will start this fun vacation with checking in to our hotel then stolling around downtown Montreal and maybe I’ll spend some money (maybe) and we’ll get dinner, and head back later to our hotel, and maybe swim in the pool. The next day we’re planning on spending in La Ronde, this really huge and awesome amusment park they have in the middle of the St. Laurence River. I’ve been there lots of times but never just me and someone I brought by ourselves. Before it was just my entire family and extra family that always decide to come along. Tomorrow before we leave we’ve got some errands to run (exchanging our money and such) and buying food for our trip. I just realized how boring this must sound, but I’m so excited that I don’t care! Deal with it! And the last day we are sadly leaving (on Saturday) to come back to our sad little Green Mountain state. And the next day it’s back to work with me. I cry myself a river.

So, I guess I should say something about the thirteenth episode. Well, the first half of the thirteenth episode, if you hadn’t figured it out. It is the first of many flashback episodes. I like doing them, then I go back further in the eighties and sometimes further. So this one takes place in 1979, where Alicia and Jason are in second grade music class together. Poor Alicia, I feel bad making the teacher yell at a little innocent seven-year-old anarchist. But the world worked quite differently back then, and most people didn’t really tolerate the whole punk rock scene nearly as much as they do now. Now the punk scene is kind of played down a lot, and it doesn’t nearly represent what it used to: speaking up for what you believe in. It’s kind of sad. A lot of musicians that aren’t on the radio (mainly real punk rock, not power pop and such) still play the same kind of stuff, like one of my favorite bands, NOFX. They are a band that has thoroughly quoted how I feel about punk rock perfectly. Just listen to “The Separation of Church and Skate” on The War of Errorism, and you will see what I mean.