‘K, so here it is: the second half of episode thirteen. It’s gonna be totally confusing now because next week is episode fourteen, but it’s the fifteenth comic. Throws me all off. So a lot of this might not make sense because I’ve been working this entire week, and it feels like nonstop. Tomorrow is my fifth day in a row. That may not sound like much, but in a grocery store, checking people’s crap out all day, it sometimes really does a number on me. I end up ranting and raving at all the wrong people (mainly my boyfriend). Then I feel really bad, and I wanna take it all back, and I do, and we’re better, but you know. I just feel really mean. You don’t even wanna know how I am when I’m PMS-ing.

Anyways, we came back from vacation (the one that mattered) on Saturday. It was rad. Most of the time was spent sitting in traffic or standing in line, but at least we talked a lot. He’s got no radio so it was a little quiet. I didn’t think I would make it without music for forty-eight hours, but somehow I did. Then I listened to a lot of 80s music and All-American Rejects when I got home and drove to work the next day. Lots. Then Monday night we went to see The 40-year-old Virgin. Let me say, it was one of the funniest movies I have ever seen in my life, and probably will ever see. I swear to God. I am going to make a shrine to Steve Carrell because he is my God.

So, about the episode, Alicia gets yelled at. It’s so sad. A seven year old getting yelled at for admitting her favorite band. The whole joke though, is true. It’s funny because when I was a sophomore, my two favorite bands were blink-182 (still is) and the Backstreet Boys. I don’t care what you say. Howie is hot. Well, people would always say, “How can you like blink and the Backstreet Boys?” I would say “I don’t know, I just do.” I mean, why does it matter, anyway? So, the thing is, Alicia writes a pop ballad, right? And normally she doesn’t care for pop music. But I wrote a techno song, and I don’t like techno, so that’s the whole joke. I mean, she is me, after all.