You wanna know just how crazy my life is? Well, it would take more than a couple of paragraphs to explain. Today I had a fun time at the fair: I won a stuffed animal right off the bat, I won five bucks at the roulette wheel, and I met Spiderman! How lucky am I! It wasn’t Tobey Maguire, unfortunately, but he still looked like Spidey. Anyway, I did the quarter game (which is now actually two quarters – what a rip!), but it is your choice of prize. And I won on the first try! It was that game where you put your quarters on a number and someone throws a ball in the pit and whomever’s color it lands on wins. I picked aqua, one of my favorite colors, and I threw the ball, and landed on it! And I won a stuffed poodle! Huzzah! Also, I had a couple of strawberry banana smoothies and some pizza. Yay! And I bought two random packs of Magic cards for my brother for his birthday in two months. (I won’t be able to get them in November!) Also I bought four DVDs for like 20 bucks. It was buy one get one free day and they were ten bucks apiece. Other than the fair though, I got my textbooks for school (sniff! I lost 200 dollars!) Luckily it was only for three classes. And my car almost overheated again for the second time in a few weeks. All donations for the SP Needs a New Car Fund are being accepted as of now. But even if I did get a new car it would cost my like so much more money because gas is like THREE TWENTY A GALLON!!!!!!!!!

So, um, this week’s episode: Alicia gets a job! Hooray for her! I always thought it would be awesome to get a job in a record store. Especially a hole-in-the-wall kind of record store. That actually sold records. And the questions they would ask me would be about bands and genres of music. I think that would be cool. All the bands that Sparky asks Alicia about are all bands that I just randomly came up with, too. I could nail every one! I want a High Fidelity job!

I guess I’m done. My boyfriend started playing Fable again a couple of days ago, and it’s kind of funny watching him kill all the guards. He’s raiding all the houses in Oakvale now. Heehee. See you next week!