It’s wierd, I’m doing this in the afternoon when I actually have time!

It’s like JD has done a 360 at this point. It’s kind of a turning point since there are almost 100 episodes up. I’m mean, look at how my art has changed! I’m super-happy with how this episode came out… It took me only about an hour to do! That’s really fast for me! But yeah, I really like the top left picture, and the bottom right picture, I think they came out the best…

As for the picture of Al and Jason, you can expect that to become sort of a mini storyline in the future… but I won’t say more than that.

But I guess this episode is kind of a little flashback in its own… it was fun coming up with all the pictures!

As for news in my life, not much to talk about there… just drawing, drawing, drawing! (Not that there’s a problem with that…) Oh, yeah, and here’s your fan service for the next thousand views… thank you everyone eternally!

Enjoy the comic and I will see you Friday!